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Awesome Interface Designing

Designing the interface and making it available to players is a vital part of creating mobile games. User experience, gameplay, and game theme are affected by the UI(User Interface) of the game. There is a tendency that people mix the terms UI(User Interface) and UX(User Experience).

UI stands for the design of the visual interface that you use to interact with the game. While UX stands for the User Experience that your game provides. Gamezoo’s UI/UX designers create UI that is very simple and interesting to use and a UX that results in the success of the game by making it easier for the player to understand the game.

The Right Blend Of UI/UX

  • We create UI/UX that is clear to the user and is simple to use.
  • We design the button’s size, shape, and position carefully to provide the users with the best experience.
  • We understand the core user of your game and what they will want from a game, and thus we design everything accordingly.
  • We create UI/UX that maintains continuity throughout the game, and thus the player will feel in control after understanding the basic rules of the game.

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