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The Unity 3D game development is a program that lets the developers easily create multiplatform games within a short period of time and with efficiency, thanks to its excellent rendering abilities. The unity game engine is not only powerful, but it also brings down the cost of the game. Unity 3D game development has an integrated development environment and is a worldwide recognized platform for developing interactive games.

Gamezoo is a well-recognized Unity 3D game development company hosting experts competent to fulfill your unique requirements extraordinarily. Our developers can develop impressive games and interactive visualizations rich in AR and VR experiences and can deliver to you the best in class gaming applications. We offer error-free and perfect Unity 3D development solutions that are matchless and unbeatable in functionality, design, and performance.

What is a Unity 3D Game Engine?

Unity 3D is an open-source, cross-platform game development engine developed by Unity Technologies. It is known to develop console-quality games for mobile devices. It can be used to develop 2D/3D games. The features and functionality of the engine help the developers in delivering AAA quality games.

Game UI Design

Momentum Valley

Momentum Valley is an award-winning puzzle game that is often referred to as a highly engaging game and as a game that is worth every minute. The goal of the game is to guide the silent prince through various monuments.

2D/3D Character Modeling

Edge of Light

Eclipse: Edge of light is a Unity VR game that takes place on a mysterious planet that is full of aliens. The player will get a spacesuit equipped with a Jetpack to explore the visually stunning surroundings and to uncover the secrets of this planet.

Concept Art

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a collectible card game in which the player has to collect the Hearthstone cards and create a powerful deck to compete with other players. With fantastic character designs and magic, the game is a total package of fun.

Concept Art

Call of Duty

The biggest rival of PUBG, Call of Duty, is a first-person shooting survival mobile game with the best graphics. The game provides console-level graphics and provides heart pounding and adrenaline rising fun to the players.

Concept Art


Inside is a puzzle adventure game that has won over a dozen awards for design, user experience, animation, story, and many more. The game is about a young boy who is running in a surreal environment solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles.

Our Expert Unity Game Development Services

Gaming has become a massive part of the mobile and web industry. Unity 3D is a game development engine that helps develop games as per your imagination and with AAA quality graphics. At Capermint, we have a team of certified Unity 3D Developers who have experience in developing chartbuster Unity 3D mobile games. Here are the Unity Game Development Services we offer

3D Game Development

2D Game Development

Unity 3D can also be used to develop immersive 2D games. Unity enables the importing of advanced 2D worlds and characters. At Capermint, our developers are highly experienced at developing amazing 2D games using Unity 3D.

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2D Game Development

3D Game Development

Developing highly interactive and engaging games using Unity 3D is the strength of our developers. Features like texture compression, the setting of resolution for different platforms, etc., enables us to develop 3D mobile games with console-level graphics.

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Android Game Development

2D/3D Animation

Unity 3D can be used to create classy and attractive 2D animation, as well as to create realistic 3D animation. Our designers can create animations and stories that will keep you engaged throughout the animation.

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3D Game Development

Concept Art

Our designers have extensive experience in developing concept art for various games and animations. Our artists take into account all the technical and psychological factors that affect the perception of the concept.

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2D Game Development

Character Design

Characters help your game or animation in conveying the story and the emotion. All the animation or gameplay characters play a vital role, and therefore, our developers create characters by considering each aspect of the game/animation.

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Environment Design

The environment design is a very crucial part of all the projects. It sets the tone of the project. With the right environment, a simple game/animation can be turned into something epic. Our designers are well-versed in developing realistic environments using Unity 3D.

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Unity Game Development Benefits

You just have to think of an idea, and the rest lies on Unity 3D Game Development Engine. This engine can be used to turn imagination into a fabulously working game. The features and toolsets of the game make it a prominent leader as a Mobile Game Development Engine. Here are some benefits of choosing Unity 3D as your game development engine

Multiplatform Game Development Engine

Unity 3D is a cross-platform game development engine. The engine supports game development for over 25 powerful platforms with one-click deployment across all of them.


Rendering Ability

Unity 3D Game Development Engine comes with various real-time rendering features like the Universal Render Pipeline, HIgh-Definition Render Pipeline, etc., along with various graphic libraries.



The Unity 3D game development is not just used to develop gaming apps, but as it is among the top mobile game development engines, it is also used to develop gamified applications.



Unity 3D Game Development Engine supports the game's source code's debugging using all common code editors. Developers can use the detailed documents that it offers for any project.


Developer Friendly Engine

Unity 3D Game Development Engine is packed with developer-friendly features like advanced scripting, scalable APIs, advanced physics engine, rendering pipelines, networking, etc.


VR/AR Solution

More than 60% of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality content is developed using the Unity 3D Game Development Engine. The Engine is the perfect solution for your AR/VR needs.

Our Game Development Process

The quality of the game is defined by the process that is followed to develop the game. To develop the perfect app for you and in time, we follow the agile approach to ensure quality and timely delivery. Here is our Unity 3D Mobile Game Development Process

1. Pre Production

We want to deliver to you precisely what you want, and in order to do so, the first step in our process is to understand what your requirements and needs are. We will break down all the core requirements and will construct the roadmap.

2. Development

Now, as the roadmap is prepared, we will start working on the same. We will execute the UI layouts and will start the character and environment development. We will incorporate the essential highlights and APIs with code optimization.

3.Post Production

The testing process starts once the game has been developed. We will test the game for bugs, but the main testing will be with volunteers that belong to your target audience to test the game based on user experience and engagement.

4.Launch the Game

When the game has been tested and is perfectly working, it is time to launch it on all the platforms you desire. Our team will launch your game on the respective app stores for the platforms that you targeted, for example Android, iOS, etc.

Gamezoo Unity 3D Game Development Advantages

Gamezoo is a leading Unity 3D Game Development Company in Los Angeles, USA. The advantages that we offer in our Unity 3D Game Development service keep us ahead of the competition and help us keep our clients happy and satisfied. Advantages of Gamezoo Unity 3D Game Development are as follows

Robust Unity 3D Game Performance

Along with Unity 3D Game Development Engine, Gamezoo is also known to develop AAA quality games that will leave the audience awestruck.

Visionary Game Concept

You just have to share your idea or what you want, and the rest lies to our designers. They will develop the perfect game concept for your audience that will keep them entertained throughout the game.

Creative UI & Character Design

With years of experience and research in the gaming industry, our developers and designers can develop and design UI and characters that result in a fantastic game.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We serve clients ranging from startups to large enterprises. Our pricing is highly flexible, and as the mobile game market is working at a cut-throat competition, we offer solutions at pocket-friendly rates.

End to End Support

From the concept to a perfectly working game, we will handle it all. You just have to share your idea, and we will take care of planning, design, development, deployment, testing, and launching.

Maintenance and Support

Our work is not completed after the launch of the game. We also provide maintenance and support services to all the games that we develop after the game launch.

Why Gamezoo is the #1 Unity Game Development Company in the USA?

Gamezoo is a pioneer in the Unity 3D Game Development field. We have a team of expert and certified Unity 3D Developers who are known to develop games that deliver unmatched gaming experience using their skills and knowledge. Our Unity developers are game enthusiasts themselves, and therefore they are perfectly aware of what the users need and want. They will walk that extra mile that is required to make your game a chartbuster. We use the latest and robust technologies to turn your imagination into an up and running game. Delivering a quality product that satisfies our clients is what we do the best.

Unity Game Development FAQs

We are here to solve all the queries that you have. Here is a list of some Frequently Asked Questions related to Unity 3D Game Development:
How much does it cost for Unity 3D Engine Mobile Game Development?
Unity 3D Mobile Game development can cost around $25,000 to $30,000 for a single platform with basic functionality. If you wish to develop a Unity 3D Game with all the advanced features and functionalities, with support to multiple platforms, it may cost up to $50,000.
The cost also depends on the company that you choose.
  • Charges of a small company: $15 - $40 / hour
  • Charges of an Intermediate company: $50 - $100 / hour
  • Charges of an Enterprise-level company: $100 - $300 / hour
How much time does it take to develop a Unity 3D mobile app?
It will take around 12 weeks to develop a Unity 3D Mobile App, and the timeline can increase up to 20 weeks, depending on the features and number of platforms.
Do you provide support for existing game projects?
Yes, we provide extensive support for our existing game projects.
Do you help us to increase levels in-game?
Yes, we do help you in increasing as many levels in the game as you want. In fact, increasing the levels of the game falls under our game development process only, and therefore you don't have to worry about the same.
We have only a game concept, would you be able to help us to move forward?
Definitely Yes, you just need to share your game concept, and we will come up with a cool and appealing game for you.

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