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Gamezoo is a leading Mobile Game Development Company that builds highly scalable, interactive, and feature-rich mobile games. Provide your users a captivating and engaging gaming experience with Gamezoo Mobile Game Development Service.

Mobile Game Development Company Los Angeles, USA

Gamezoo is a leading mobile game development company that provides high quality game art and game development services for publishers and game developers. Our team consists of experienced producers, game developers, game designers and experienced artists that are always willing to go the extra mile to deliver outstanding products. Bringing your ideas to life is our mission.

Within a short period of time, Gamezoo has delivered every game development project with 100% satisfaction. Developing mobile game applications according to clients' specific requirements is a key part of our success. Our developers have a high level of expertise and domain knowledge. We have been inundated with client support since we started.

Our Mobile Game Development Services

2D Game

2D Game Development

At Gamezoo, our 2D game developers are experts in developing immersive 2D games. Our services enable you to import your imagination into advanced 2D worlds and characters. Our developers are highly experienced at developing amazing 2D games that will leave the audience captivated.

3D Game

3D Game Development

Developing highly interactive and engaging games using various game engines is the strength of our developers. Features like compressed texture, incredible graphics, smooth animation, etc., enables us to develop 3D mobile games with console-level graphics. Our developers are experts in developing 3D games that look realistic.

Android Game

Android Game Development

Gamezoo’s Android Game Developers offer highly versatile android game development services across different genres, and they promise to deliver games that provide sheer entertainment. We ensure to provide you with the best quality gaming experience by constructing exciting gaming levels and vibrant visuals.

IOS game

iOS Game Development

Gamezoo’s iOS game developers are experienced and imaginative, and thus they can develop apps that include the best game-play and graphics. We can create every type of game from standalone to server-based, to single and multiplayer games. Our team makes sure that the end product matches your requirements in regards to looks, convenience, performance and feel.

Unity Game

Unity Game Development

Gamezoo is a well-recognized Unity 3D game development company hosting experts competent to fulfill your unique requirements. Our developers can develop impressive games and interactive visualizations. We offer error-free and perfect Unity 3D development solutions that are matchless and unbeatable in functionality, design, and performance.

AR-VR Game

AR/VR Game Development

Gamezoo is an AR/VR Game Development company with vast experience in reality technologies and develops fun and exciting AR/VR games for mobile devices. Our developers use AR/VR technology to deliver innovative, ingenious, and effective solutions. We create exemplary and creative solutions that deliver the best AR/VR experience.

We are Specialised in Every Game

Our Mobile Game Development Process

The quality of the game is defined by the process that is followed to develop the game. To develop the perfect app for you and in time, we follow the agile approach to ensure quality and timely delivery. Here is our Mobile Game Development Process:

1. Pre Production

We want to deliver to you precisely what you want, and in order to do so, the first step in our process is to understand what your requirements and needs are. We will break down all the core requirements and will construct the roadmap.

2. Development

Now, as the roadmap is prepared, we will start working on the same. We will execute the UI layouts and will start the character and environment development. We will incorporate the essential highlights and APIs with code optimization.

3.Post Production

The testing process starts once the game has been developed. We will test the game for bugs, but the main testing will be with volunteers that belong to your target audience to test the game based on user experience and engagement.

4.Launch the Game

When the game has been tested and is perfectly working, it is time to launch it on all the platforms you desire. Our team will launch your game on the respective app stores for the platforms that you targeted, for example Android, iOS, etc.

Gamezoo Mobile Game Development Advantages

Gamezoo is a leading Mobile Game Development Company in Los Angeles, USA. The advantages that we offer in our Mobile Game Development service keep us ahead of the competition and help us keep our clients happy and satisfied. Advantages of Gamezoo Mobile Game Development are as follows:

Robust Mobile Game Performance

Gamezoo is known to develop AAA quality mobile games that will leave the audience awestruck. Our games perform exceptionally smoothly and provide the best gaming experience to the users.

Visionary Game Concept

You just have to share your idea or what you want, and the rest lies to our designers. They will develop the perfect game concept for your audience that will keep them entertained throughout the game.

Creative UI & Character Design

With years of experience and research in the gaming industry, our developers and designers can develop and design UI and characters that result in a fantastic game.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We serve clients ranging from startups to large enterprises. Our pricing is highly flexible, and as the mobile game market is working at a cut-throat competition, we offer solutions at pocket-friendly rates.

End to End Support

From the concept to a perfectly working game, we will handle it all. You just have to share your idea, and we will take care of planning, design, development, deployment, testing, and launching.

Maintenance and Support

Our work is not completed after the launch of the game. We also provide maintenance and support services to all the games that we develop after the game launch.

Why Gamezoo is the #1 Mobile Game Development Company in the USA?

Gamezoo caters incredible game solutions to the clients with its perfect blend of technology. With our expertise in 2D & 3D game development, we maintain the entire code structure efficiently and include all the necessary features, such as cross-platform support, to reduce development costs and time. Our mobile game applications are passed through multiple levels of quality checks before delivery in order to ensure the highest level of quality and the coding practices that make our games universally accepted.

Gamezoo Mobile Game Development FAQs

We are here to solve all the queries that you have. Here is a list of some Frequently Asked Questions related to Mobile Game Development
How much does it cost for Mobile Game Development?
Mobile Game development can cost around $25,000 to $30,000 for a single platform with basic functionality. If you wish to develop a Mobile Game with all the advanced features and functionalities, with support for multiple platforms, it may cost up to $50,000.
The cost also depends on the company that you choose.
  • Charges of a small company: $15 - $40 / hour
  • Charges of an Intermediate company: $50 - $100 / hour
  • Charges of an Enterprise-level company: $100 - $300 / hour
How much time does it take to develop a Mobile Game?
It will take around 12 weeks to develop a Mobile App, and the timeline can increase up to 20 weeks, depending on the features and number of platforms.
Do you provide support for existing game projects?
Yes, we provide extensive support for our existing game projects.
Do you help us to increase levels in-game?
Yes, we do help you in increasing as many levels in the game as you want. In fact, increasing the levels of the game falls under our game development process only, and therefore you don't have to worry about the same.
We have only a game concept, would you be able to help us to move forward?
Definitely Yes, you just need to share your game concept, and we will come up with a cool and appealing game for you.

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